Big Bend Hospice

Big Bend Hospice is an outstanding organization serving Tallahassee and the Big Bend region in a variety of ways, from grief counseling to end of life care. Big Bend Hospice encompasses a large network of support and provides access to services 24 hours a day, giving peace of mind to families and individuals alike. Individuals in the care of Big Bend Hospice are looked after by a team of healthcare professionals whose goals are to provide comfort and accommodate any needs. This team of healthcare professionals seeks to address and provide for both the emotional and practical needs of not only the Big Bend Hospice patient, but his or her entire family as well. Additionally, Big Bend Hospice provides all medications, medical equipment, and medical supplies necessary to treat a patient’s Hospice diagnosis.

Impact Visual Media is proud to partner with Big Bend Hospice to help tell the compelling stories of the very important and compassionate work they do.

Video Production

This particular video production relates to Teen Woebegone, an annual bereavement camp for teenagers who have lost a loved one. It takes place in the beautiful setting of Bradley’s Pond outside of Tallahassee. Young adults attending Teen Woebegone get the opportunity to work through their loss by sharing their stories with other young adults who have had similar losses. Activities for the day include different memorials involving art, music, spoken and written expression. For this video, Josh and Charlie attended and filmed the activities at Teen Woebegone, and interviewed several attendees about their experience. It was moving to see the strength of these young people and inspiring to see how Big Bend Hospice was able to help them work through their grief.