Overview of the Claude Pepper Foundation

Claude Pepper was a U.S. Senator and an advocate for the elderly and disabled. Today, The Claude Pepper Foundation sits on the Florida State University Campus in Tallahassee, Florida. The Claude Pepper Foundation and Claude Pepper Center are dedicated to the important work U.S. Senator Claude Pepper accomplished, sharing them inside an amazing museum which includes many interactive exhibits, statues, photographs, audio recordings, and primary documents.

Claude Pepper believed it was a proper and necessary function of government to provide the economic and social conditions that made it possible for the individual to realize his or her full potential. He believed the individual also had a duty to contribute to the advancement of social justice through personal practices and community. The Claude Pepper Foundation has not only fulfilled that purpose but has developed extensive programs to further the objectives of Senator Pepper.

Video Production

The Claude Pepper Foundation video combines a variety of rich video production elements to tell the overall story of Claude Pepper and the way the foundation carries on his mission. In addition to identifying compelling music appropriate for the piece, the team also created several engaging visual effects including an animated logo, 3D photo animation, time lapse photography, video shots using a jib, slider, dolly, tripod, drone, and other methods of camera movement.

Additionally, we listened to many samples of voice actors to determine one who could emulate Senator Pepper’s distinctly recognizable voice. Ultimately we found one – the voice you hear reading Senator Pepper’s quotes throughout the video. We combined these varied elements with historical images provided by the Claude Pepper Foundation to document the Senator’s history and career.