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  • What If I Told You

    2016 Emmy Award winning program developed in collaboration with The Lauren’s Kids Foundation, in the fight against Child Sexual Abuse.

  • Spirit of Miami Trailer

    The television program SPIRIT OF MIAMI will honor Ralph Sanchez, his tenacity, vision, commitment to excellence, his passion for car racing and his contributions to Miami history and the industry he loved. The journey to produce the program has been sentimental, emotional and magical, feeling like Ralph continues to make great things happen. Rafael A. […]

  • History Will Absolve Me + Behind the Scenes

    A working title for a project that has a personal connection to Chucha Barber. It is the story of her father’s relationship with Fidel Castro, as the first Latin American Editor of The Miami Herald. It is based on 650 front-page stories her dad wrote about the Cuban Revolution, The Bay of Pigs Invasion, the […]

  • Viva Florida

    Telling the 500-year history of Florida in 22.5 minutes was a daunting task. We like to say we left a few things out. It did earn Emmy nominations and make our Secretary of State and Governor proud so we’ll go with that.