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  • Lauren’s Kids PSA

    2018 PSA for the Lauren’s Kids Foundation -great animation and original music.

  • Del Tura

    One of a series of web-based messages for a development firm. The use of drone footage was critical to telling this story. Customer interviews and on-location shots of product development were essential.

  • Impact Visual Media

    Impact Visual Media was formed in 2013 as a joint venture between 2 Tallahassee-based firms. Today it is a subsidiary of Chucha Barber Productions, Inc., continuing to excel in the production of educational videos for state agencies and private foundations.

  • Lucy and Leo’s Cupcakery

    We loved working with Lucy and Leo…and those are just the client’s dogs. The women who own the cupcakery are local celebrities who have achieved acclaim on television’s “Cupcake Wars.” To tell their story, we needed to get the right ingredients including the best shots of creating the cupcakes as well as capturing their love […]